Scalable for Larger Jobs
B.E.P. BIG PANELS or Rotator Panels of any length can be bolted together to create gang sections of any choice (up to 36’ L) to cover wall spans quickly.

Turnkey Fit
Our products easily combine with existing equipment, accepting bolts for form connections and bracing bolts for even greater stabilization.

Mix-and-Match Flexibility
Our BIG PANEL Filler and Corner System, featuring a reusable, fixed-end taper tie system, seamlessly complements our BIG PANELS, Rotator Panels and any of your existing equipment.

Fewer Parts
With fewer parts to manage, contractors can reduce the number of lost and stolen items on job sites and costly labor time on set up and stripping.

Bottom-Line Advantage 
Businesses increase production and cycle time, reduce labor costs, and improve on-the-job safety, resulting in increased profit all around.

Sound Investment
Customers extend the value of their investment with years of use from all the durable and versatile products from B.E.P. Forming Systems.


  • Complete crane-set system.
  • Easily stackable for tall walls.
  • Rails are punched to pin up to any existing aluminum, steel-frame or wood-design form.
  • Standard .125 inch (full 1/8”) face-sheet or optional heavy-gauge .160 (3/16”) face-sheet.
  • One lifting ring is standard on BIG PANELS and two (one horizontal and one vertical) lifting rings on Rotator panels.
  • A range of modular or customized designs (any length or width).
  • Lightweight at 5.5 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Reusable taper tie system reduces repetitive standard tie costs and allows for more open wall space.
  • Available in Smooth, Brick-Textured and Georgian Stone styles.
  • Optional Big Panel features can include:
    • Threaded bushings on side-rails
    • Tuf-N-Lite Ready Pins™ for all holes
    • Welded pockets for B.E.P. Drift-Loc wedges
    • Flip-down lifting ring

    The patented attachment system combined with the BIG PANEL taper tie spacing allows for more open wall for placement of foam, electrical boxes, ledges, beams and other additions.

The B.E.P.™ BIG PANEL represents a critical technology innovation, dramatically extending the flexibility and versatility of concrete contractors’ existing forming systems. The BIG PANEL is highly adaptable to below- and above-grade, cast-in-place residential and commercial concrete projects.With traditional forming systems, contractors are locked into using forms in a certain way or limited to small or odd fixed sized forms and accessories. Not so with the BIG PANEL.

Completely set with a lightweight crane, all-terrain forklift, Bobcat crane attachment or track-style backhoe. B.E.P.™ BIG PANELS are convenient and easy to use. Panel rails are punched to pin to any existing aluminum, steel-frame or wood-design form on the market today. BIG PANEL design and features are also offered in I.S.C., O.S.C., Tee, Angle, W, Hinge, specialty and custom fillers to handle all forming needs. And our BIG PANELS are available in any height up to 12’ high and in any length up to 21’ long at a weight of just 5.5 lbs per sq. ft.

All BIG PANELS feature high-penetration welds and heavy-rail systems with corner gussets. Our exclusive heavy-duty closed hat sections to a standard .125” (full 1/8”) thick face-sheet are engineered to handle up to 1,250 lbs. per sq. ft. loads. An optional commercial-grade, .160” (3/16”), thick face-sheet is engineered to handle up to 1,450 per sq. ft. loads based on ACI pour ratings.Other standard features include:

  • Pre-seasoned face-sheets for clean and extended pours
  • Stationary flush-mounted female tie receivers on POWER Tie Panels to allow workers to set walls from just one side
  • Welded compartments for B.E.P. taper ties and bearing plates to secure components when not in use or during transport
  • Welded plates to attach walk-board brackets
  • Colored-coded lifting ring for POWER Tie System that one man, operating a crane, can hook or unhook



With traditional forming systems, contractors are restricted to using forms in a fixed orientation, either horizontal or vertical. Because of its unique ability to pivot 180 degrees, the Rotator System transcends this costly limitation.

Customers can be confident that the Rotator System has the same rugged construction as the B.E.P. BIG PANEL, with these additional features: more corner and beam gusset options and an industrial-strength design for residential and commercial applications. And, by using the standard 5/8” bolts, contractors are able to use these panels independently or for any type of gang-system creation.


Pour your next job with old-world Georgian stone-patterned aluminum forms. Fabricated on our removable and reusable BIG PANELS, eliminating costly form liners. Large 12″ by 18″ design. Enhance with any color paint or stain. Available only from: B.E.P.™ Forming Systems, Inc.
  • All aluminum fabrication
  • Large 12″ x 18″ stone pattern
  • Available in any B.E.P. BIG PANEL system height and length
  • Weighs only 5.5 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Designed filler and corner system
  • Easy stripping
  • Eliminates form liners
  • Available in 36″ hand-set panels
  • Compatible with any form system
  • Available in all hole patterns



B.E.P.’s patent-pending Gang-Form Adapter allows you to use your hand-set, aluminum or plywood forms, to create large gang sections.

  • Utilizes B.E.P.’s POWER Taper Tie System with or without exclusive Drift-Loc design; All nominal and full widths available
  • Can be used in heights from 2’ to 10’
  • Smooth transition to hand-set forms with standard pin and wedge
  • Available in Smooth, Georgian Stone, Textured & Vertical Brick designs
  • Exclusive flip-down center lifting hook, no extra cables or chains needed
  • Easy to install
  • Uses standard 5/8” x 8” bolts
  • Leaves top rail free for stacking
  • Works with ALL forms and hole patterns
  • All lightweight aluminum components
  • Snap-on waler brackets;
    2 x 4 through 2 x 12
  • No separate hardware
  • Cost-effective
  • Labor-reducing
  • Increases production
  • Pours flat, straight walls



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